London Rivers Livestream for COP26

Friday 5th – Monday 8th of November 2021

Friday 5th – 6pm 
Online listening session & interactive chat from the Channelsea River

Sunday 7th – 5pm
Online listening session & interactive chat from the River Roding

Monday 8th 6 – 7pm
Live on-air discussion with Surge Cooperative & the River Roding Trust

From the Channelsea to the Roding

A live stream moving between two London rivers, where boater communities from Surge Cooperative and the River Roding Trust are responding directly to river pollution, by benevolently occupying, in order to live with, listen with and act with these vital living systems. Each community is involved in finding new ways to directly tackle problems of neglect and misuse, whilst navigating ancient acts of parliament and institutional backwaters to fight for the protection of these waterways.

Each live stream will be open for 24 hours across the weekend, with members of Surge Cooperative on the Channelsea river, and the River Roding Trust, joining together for two remote listening sessions, interacting with each other and the wider listening world via the live chat on the As if radio… platform
Plus a live on-air discussion about the rivers and their work.

Join us and join the discussion!


Our work at Surge is intrinsically connected to the planetary crisis humanity is facing. On one small patch of earth, we are getting together, from a shared need to take direct action, using our time and skills, without asking for permission, to nurture sustainable growth and biodiversity for the ecosystems that reside there: learning as we go about our own impact on these systems. However, our actions alone cannot change the course of climate change on a global scale. We need the world’s governments to step up and stand up to the corporations with which they are so entwined. To start saying NO to ecologically damaging actions and legislate now to stop the richest one percent of the world’s population emitting twice as much carbon as the poorest half of humanity. (According to the “Confronting Carbon Equality’ report issued by Oxfam recently).

We encourage everyone in this pivotal couple of weeks to make their voices heard peacefully and valiantly.  We stand with all indigenous communities and their fights to protect and reclaim their lands globally and extend our thanks and solidarity to those in the limelight such as Greta Thunberg, Insulate Britain and Frack Off, and the many more working diligently in the shadows, who question the powers that be and offer genuine, workable solutions alongside personal sacrifice for the times we find ourselves in.

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