Our Goals

Surge Co-operative's focus is to create sustainable and affordable moorings for larger boats in London. To make use of the underused blue networks and historic wharves and to build lasting creative links between communities on water and land.


We are committed to protecting and improving the water space with sustainable principles in the development and operation of our moorings. This means using sustainable materials in construction, recycling water, naturally treating waste and incorporating renewable energy systems.

For example:
• Tidal pontoons

• Insulation, solar panels and battery storage systems on all boats with interest-free loans available to help boats to green up
• Floating gardens to encourage biodiversity and improve the local ecology
• Solar panels and battery storage systems to power the community boat and on land facilities
• River rubbish catching system
In the long-term there is potential for earning extra revenue from the renewable technologies on the moorings.

Connecting Communities

We are passionate about initiating and supporting projects that open up the riverside for local community use. Some of these are ways to utilize land that is awaiting development to garner interest in the area and embed the moorings and coming development within the local community.

Floating Gardens
• Creating the gardens provides an educational resource and space for community cohesion
• Green spaces between the mooring for residents and visitors to enjoy.

Floating community hub
• Bookable space for local groups
• Pontoon for water-sports
• Event space
• Potential space for artist residencies.

River clean up

Working Co-operatively

Surge Co-operative aims to re-animate a barge friendly Bow Creek by creating sustainable community-led work/live moorings for larger boats. We propose to make use of our underused local blue network of historic wharves and quaysides by building lasting creative links between communities on land and water, with promotion of waterways and moorings regeneration the ultimate aim.

Our core team set up the Surge Co-operative after years of collectively living on or around the river, we have gained an intimate understanding of the river’s ebbs and flows, and see the distinct neglect and emptiness of a once thriving barge-friendly waterway, which makes us passionate about initiating and supporting projects that open up the riverside once again for moorings and local community use.

The moorings will be organised as a fully mutual co-operative where members become stakeholders and have an equal voice. Its design will aim to balance the inputs and outputs to create a self-sustaining operational model. All decisions will prioritise care for people and the environment, and any profits created are fairly shared and put back into the community.

Where possible, we would like to see publicly accessible community water spaces. This could include floating gardens that will connect the moorings with local residents and encourage visiting artists and community projects to engage with the water space. Sports and activities access would also be improved and promoted.

With a view to prompting constructive dialogue, we aim to consult and work with with stakeholders on how best to promote the re-use of historic quaysides, wharves and riverside, to achieve an active, vibrant and enlivened water space.

Why Surge?

We have years of experience in space making and community projects revolving around a diverse network of creative disciplines

We recognise the untapped potential of the waterways of East London and are eager to transform a small part of it into a hive of sustainable creativity and a vision for the future.

We are forward thinkers keen to explore new technologies to shape a better future for all.

We are passionate about creating a self-sustaining autonomous space that includes the local community in the very nature of it’s set up as we strongly believe that people make places.


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