Voting for your local Community Assembly projects ends 27th July 2022

You still have time to vote for this year’s NCIL funding, organised by the incredible Newham Community Assembly.

Our project this year ‘Welcome to the Channelsea: caring for our blue green future’ focuses on activities that will create lots more opportunities for access to the waterspace, volunteering, training and learning about biodiversity. We can’t do this on our own, we need to grow our network of people to care for our green and blue spaces, and to do that WE NEED YOUR VOTE!

Workshop series

  • Connecting with our community orchard
  • Collaborating with Compost-mentis
  • Creative activities learning about composting, soil ecologies and waste

New green engine for our safety boat

  • Our community safety boat is invaluable for accessing the water
  • It needs a new more sustainable engine!
  • Enabling better river access, more frequent river clean-ups and biodiversity interventions

Welcome Archway for the ecology garden

  • Marking the space as a site for nature protection and connection
  • A new landmark for the area
  • Helping to reduce the litter and anti-social behaviour
  • Carbon free water access – charged via our solar bank

To vote visit the link below – you will be asked to register on Newham Co-create website, then you will be able to add our project to your basket. You can vote for up to £100,000 worth of projects so make sure you have a look at all the other fantastic projects too!

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